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LX Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm

This versatile arm can be used in a variety of applications: attach a smaller monitor for use within a sit-stand workstation or add a large display up to 25 lbs (11.3 kg) to position digital signage.

The LX provides unparalleled range of motion, being able to accommodate a user’s sitting or standing posture—features 20 inches (51 cm) of vertical adjustment and 62 inches (157 cm) of side-to-side adjustment.

(Desk Mount 45-241-026) (Desk Mount, Tall Pole 45-295-026) (Wall Mount 45-243-026) (Sit-Stand Desk Mount 45-360-026) (Sit-Stand Wall Mount 45-353-026) (HD Sit-Stand Desk Mount 45-384-026) (HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount 45-383-026)


    • 20-inch (51 cm) height range allows users to move between sitting and standing positions while they interact with the display
    • Extends LCD up to 33" (84 cm); push your display out of the way when not in use
    • Increase viewing comfort—help reduce eye, back and neck strain
    • Upgrade LCD monitors and TVs with improved ergonomic adjustment
    • Patented CF™ motion technology provides premium ease-of-use adjustment
    • Cable management feature routes cables under the arm, out of the way
    • Arm folds back over the base into a compact retracted position; perfect for tucking under systems furniture storage shelves or cabinets in space constrained areasIdeal for space-constrained spaces—folds to within 4.5" (12 cm) of wall in storage position
    • Secure installation—locking connections between arm, extension and base
    • Passes Ergotron’s 10,000-cycle motion test, which ensures years of trouble-free height adjustment

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