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Adjustable Standing Desks

LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk

Transform classrooms into active learning environments with on-demand adjustable student desks. With the simple use of a hand lever, students can change the height of their desktops so that they can work and collaborate in the way that is natural for them.

Standing more throughout the day increases blood circulation, burns more calories, and helps maintain muscle tone and insulin effectiveness. This means LearnFit can be an integral part of a school environment designed to improve health and academic outcomes.


  • For Students
    • Encourages healthy behavior that leads to physical and academic improvements†
    • Better metabolic health leads to more alertness and engagement†
    • Promotes good posture and helps burn additional calories throughout the day†
    • Each student can instantly and intuitively personalize the desk to his or her preferred height
    • Paired with a counter-height stool, students can choose when to sit or stand throughout the day
  • For the Classroom
    • Greater student focus and engagement†
    • Casters easily roll LearnFit to reconfigure classrooms for small-group breakouts; quickly return to full classroom configuration when done
    • One size fits all: 20-inch / 50-cm worksurface height range accommodates students from 50" / 127 cm tall (approximately age 9) to 77" / 196 cm tall (adult)
  • For the School
    • Desk height is easily changed by the student using the hand lever: No need for staff to make adjustments or reconfigure desk before, during or after school hours
    • Ships fully assembled
    • Strong, durable phenolic worksurface withstands abuse
    • Rugged and proven design: Features Ergotron’s patented CF™ Technology
    • Safe and stable: Designed to ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008 standards

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